Saturday, March 2, 2013

5K - I DID IT!!!

Back in Chicago, many, many moons ago, in my freshman year (1994) of high school, in the two months I was there before we moved, I loved running. We would run laps in PE and I would run 7 or 8 in our class, while most of the class did 4. Yes I was that over achieving nerd... But I loved running. When we moved to Las Vegas I was too late to try out for the track and field team (or something) and then during my sophomore year of high school developed a condition where the cartilage in my lungs gets inflamed when I run, and causes a lot of pain. As a result, I just quit running. I lost my love for it and got lazy. Over the years since then, I have never really found that love again. After four kids, and many years of laziness I just have never had it in me to do much of anything exercise-ish.

Last year after Timothy arrived, I started to want to run again, or at least jog and be more active. I started thinking about signing up for a 5K but have just always been too lazy to do it. And then it got to be winter and cold and I just didn't want to be out in that. Then at the new year I decided that I wanted to sign up for a 5K but I didn't have myself fully convinced. One night I had a dream. It was short, at least what I remember of it, and it was simple. I was running the last few yards of a 5K and on the far side of the finish line I saw my mom. She gave me a big hug, told me she as so proud of me and said congratulations. That was all...but it hit me hard emotionally. I got up that morning and knew that I needed to do a 5K. I felt like my dream was my moms way of telling me that I needed to do it. Maybe it was just me knowing mom was the only one who could truly get me off my butt. I don't know, but mom isn't here to convince me anymore so I I found another way for her to do it...thanks mom for the motivation! I love you!

Anyway, that day I pulled up schedules for the 5Ks coming up. I looked at one the end of march with the HSC, and one in May. I signed up for the May 11 Color Me Rad run within a couple days. Then a great friend suggested I join them for the Creek Classic. They were doing the 10K but there was also a 5K. Immediately, I signed up for the 5K and was really excited about it!

Unfortunately right after that true winter hit and the lovely 60 degree weather we had enjoyed that far went away. To be replaced by 30/40 degree temps. It was bitterly cold. And since I hate being cold, I didn't train. 2 weeks ago, we had a nice 60 degree day and I bundled up Timothy, hooked the dog to the leash and went out for a 'run'. I finished my 5K distance in 59:50. At that time my only goal was to cross the finish line, so an hour didn't seem too bad. The very next day the temperature dropped and it snowed. The weather has been flip flopping for the past two weeks and driving me crazy. Last was cold... But at 8:45 I got myself off my butt and left Justin (who was off for the day.) home with the kids and went for a long 'run'. This time I finished in 49:53. Still not hugely impressive, but 10 minutes off my time, I was really impressed with myself! I decided I was going to set my goal for a 45 minute finish. That brings us to today!

I got up about 6:45 and started getting ready. I rode with our friends the Jeppson's over to the race and we hung out. At 8:53 we lined up with the other hundreds of people and waited for the gun shot to start. It was bitterly cold. I believe the temperature was supposed to be 29, but I never did actually look at a thermometer, I think I didn't want to know. I had some awesome ear muffs that Jessica let me borrow, leggings and workout pants, a tank top, short sleeve shirt and long sleeve shirt (all three running shirts) then I had my race shirt on over that. I had my phone playing music, and gloves on my hands. When the gun went off, I started going. I jogged the first .3 miles straight, no walking. Then I had to slow down for a bit. I went back and forth jogging and walking through the whole 5K. I had points where it hurt so bad to breath, and points where I wanted to stop, but I did not once fully stop. I pushed myself harder than I had before. As a crossed the 4K mark I texted Justin, who had brought the kids up to see my finish. I voice dictated "I am just crossing the 4K mark" he replied go go go!!! As I got within range of the timer I noticed it said 44:40, then it was 44:50 and I ran, faster than I have ever run and crossed the finish line at 45:00. My split times were: 14:26, 14:41 and 13:59 in that order.

I was ecstatic! It made me so happy to cross that finish line. I went over to Justin and got my final finish time by text: 44:40. I was even more happy. I have been on a runners high ever since. It doesn't hurt that Collin, all day has been telling me "mom, you did so good on your race today" in a out every way that can be said.

And while my mom couldn't be there to hug me when I finished I had Justin and my kids all there too, and they all did! It made me so happy!

People have been telling me all month that they get addicting... That I'll want to keep doing them. Man are they right. I keep thinking I wonder when I can do another one...can I do one between now and May 11. I have 10 weeks to train and set my goals. But I know my first goals I have already set. I want to be above the 25th percentile overall in the next race I do. I was 22nd percentile for the females today and I want to improve that to 30. I know I want to cut my time down. But I am not sure to what yet. My next goal is to job 75% of the time in the next one. Today I did about 45ish%. I know I have a lot of work to do, but I also know it was a HUGE accomplishment for me.

I keep feeling like I need to justify why I didn't do better, and then as I told Justin tonight, I realize that I don't. I did awesome and I am so happy with what I did. I did my best and best my times and heck, I finished the race. So if I talk to you and start justifying my 'lack' I. The race, remind me that I did it, and today that was all that mattered!

Here is a link to my personal results.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

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Mandy said...

Way to go Jaidi, I felt like I was running the race WITH you bc you described it so well. You have every reason to be proud, love your sweatshirt...and, I m with you on not running since it got cold...except you actually DID keep running. Thanks for motivating me to not give up in my running goal. ;)