Monday, February 25, 2013

6 Months and Counting

 This little guy is 6 months already!  It is so unbelievable to me that he has grown so much so fast! It seems like just yesterday I held him for the first time.  Time flies too fast!

Timothy is doing so well.  He has grown quite a bit lately. Here are some of his stats from his 6 month check up:

  • Weight  17.7 pounds (49%)  {15 lbs/33%}
  • Length 27 1/2 inches (85%)  {26 in/ 73%}
  • Head Circumference 45.2 (92%)  {43.3 in/86%}
So as you can see, he is steadily growing.  That head of his just keeps on getting bigger!  More room for Brains! :)

Now for some of the changes in little mans life.

  • Over the past 2 months he has started eating more foods.  After a month of trying, he finally has the idea of keeping food in his mouth down.  He eats usually (if all the stars align properly) 2 times a day from a spoon.  He has gotten into a good schedule.  He eats a bottle about 8am. At about 11:30 he eats some fruit and some oatmeal.  At about 2:30 he has another bottle then about 5:30 he eats some veggies and rice cereal.  As with most children, he likes the fruit much better, but he still does well with the veggies.  He seems to love bananas best, but pears seem to be coming in a close second.  
  • He has discovered the art of rolling.  Our floor has to stay a little bit cleaner these days (trying telling that to the 9, 7 and 4 year olds) :)  Even on our nice hard wood floor, he rolls all over, turns in circles and sometimes reaches forward and pulls.  He loves his new found freedom and is enjoying the new discoveries.  For the first time, he seems to actually enjoy being on his stomach. He looks all around taking in everything.  
  • He is starting to be able to sit up. He doesn't do it well, more often than not he leans forward and kisses his toes.  But he is getting closer.  if his hands are holding my fingers he stays up, even if I am not actually holding him that way.  He isn't ready to do it on his own yet. But is getting close. 
  • He hasn't quite cut any teeth, but they will be popping up soon.  His slobbering has been at an all time high lately, and he chews on EVERYTHING...
  • He loves his brother and sisters. And they love him. Which is awesome.  It never fails that he will start laughing loud if he sees his brother or sisters.  He smiles big just looking at them. 
  • He is moving up to the world of a non-carrier car seat! The thing is just too heavy for me to carry with him, and we had the chance to get a good deal on a new one, so we already have it.  He is still not sure about it, but he will learn... right??  Also, he only has 2 1/2 inches before he reaches the height limit on the chair.  Luckily I can still use it for certain things. It just wont be the norm.  As soon as he can sit up on his own we will be switching him over for good. 
Last night I was going through all of his pictures from the past 6 months.  It is so crazy to me that he has grown so much.  Here is a picture of Timothy now, with his NB onesie that he wore. That NB onsie was big on him...Now his 6 month onsies are small on him... Its CRAZY!
And who doesn't love a collage of all the monthly pictures.  Look at the changes.  Here is a little explanation about each of the pictures.

  • Newborn: This was taken at 4 days old August 28, 2012. So tiny...
  • 1 month: Taken September 24, 2012, he wasn't sure exactly what I was doing. 
  • 2 months: Taken October 24, 2012. He had gotten his shots that morning and was sick.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take them earlier, before he was sad and fussy. But this picture will forever be a reminder to not forget that! It is so sad!
  • 3 months: November 24, 2012, the week of Thanksgiving. 
  • 6 months with his Newborn Onsie: Taken February 24, 2013.
  • 4 months: Happy day, December 24, 2012.  Christmas Eve and he couldn't be happier. After all his 4 month check up wasn't for another week!
  • 5 months: January 24, 2013. He was just starting to really interact with me, not just smiles, but adding in the cooing and laughing. 
  • 6 months: February 24, 2013.  This picture was a bit difficult to get.  You forget how active these kids get.  I took about 50 pictures and most of them had his arms and legs so much it was blurry. This was one of my favorites though. 

I just can't get over how stinkin' cute he is!  He brings so much laughter and joy into our home. I love him! 

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Mandy said...

He HAS gotten SO big!!! Crazy, he is such a cutie! So fun that you got those pics in the same onesie. I'm never quite that organized and wish I was...maybe next baby, lol!