Thursday, October 25, 2012


This is Jaicie's fourth grade picture. She has grown up way too much! As a way to bring you up to speed on her:

She has now finished the Harry Potter series and the Chronicles of Narnia. She has moved on to Black Beauty and the Fablehaven series. She was tested recently and managed to show a reading level of 8.1 and does math at a tenth grade level...mind you this is completing the math she is given like a tenth grader would, not doing tenth grade math.
She is taking Spanish at school and loves it.
She is looking forward to winter and The holidays that are coming.
She is excited that they have started equations in math.
She is an awesome big sister.

There is so much more i could say about Jaicie, but i have 2 more kids to blog about today. So i will wrap it there. But i sure do love my big girl. Gosh she is growing up too much!

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