Thursday, October 25, 2012


Felicity is a little fire cracker. This is her second grade picture. Can you believe how grown up she is. I just can't get over it. As an update on her:

Felicity has finally realized how much she loves reading. She started the school year at a 2.1 reading level and has already moved up to a 4.3 grade level. She finally realizes how much fun it can be to read!
She is working hard at school, on her rocket math in both addition and substraction. she thinks Timothy is the greatest thing that could happen to our family.
She has taught herself how to do cart wheels and does them all over the house and yard.
She is an independant and hard working little girl as long as it isn't us asking her to do her homework.

Felicity is a joy and a challenge all packed in one. We could go for a little less of her yelling, but man she is a great kid and we love her so much.

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