Thursday, October 25, 2012

Timothy at 2 Months

Wow! I cannot believe how quickly the past two months has gone. It is incdible to me that i already have a 2 month old baby to go with my other three kids! The past two months have been great. Timothy is such a good baby and brings us all so much joy. He is such a welcome addition to our family.
Yesterday we had his two month check up at the doctor. It went well. He has grown a lot sipnce his two week check up. Just to give you an his 2 week check up he was 6# 9 oz and 20 1/2 inches. He has grown 3.5 pounds and almost 3 inches. His head size though was e biggest change. At 2 weeks he was at the 30th percentile for head circumference. Yesterday he was at 90th percentile. Clearly he inherited his mothers large head. More room for brains right? :)

He also got the dreaded vaccines. I am a strong advocate for vaccines, but it has sure been sad seeing him so sad and sick. He managed to have the strongest reaction to them. Fever, pain, sadness, and up every 1 1/2 hours all night long. It made for a rough night, but i am sure enjoying some snuggling with him.
We have managed to catch him rolling over from front to back. He has also started smiling and cooing and youd think he was carrying on a full conversation. I am fairly confident that he sees angels around him. We often find him stareing off beyond us and just smiling,nearly laughing. I feel like it is his grandma pierce and grand-daddy clayton paying him a visit. He sleeps very well at night. Most nights he only wakes up once, but the other night he didnt wake up til 6:30. It was heavenly!

I am so glad that we welcomed this little bundle to our family. I cannot wait to see what this little man has in store for himself and our family!

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