Thursday, October 25, 2012


I love this picture. I think it is one of my favorites that i have ever seen. Maybe it is his pre-k smirck i just dont know, but it is. So cute.

This is Collin's school picture for Pre-k. We are lucky enough thst he gets to attend within the public school. He has an amazing teacher and is doing so well at school. It has been so fun having him coming home and teaching me new songs he learned at school. He has learned his shapes really well. And by the way it isnt a diamond it is a rhombus. Yes. My four year old identifies a rhombus whenevr he Sees one. He has started counting really well and knows all of his letters. He is growing up so much. I just can't stand it. He was my baby for so long and now he is growing up so much. Guess it is good timothy took over as the baby. He loves school and thinks it is the greatest thing ever. He is also an amazing big brother. He loves his baby timothy and is so watchful of him. He gets out of bed at night to give him his pacifier if he cries, and just cares so much about his baby. I love it. They are so cute together. I look forward to getting some good family pictures done so that you can see these two together more, but here is a fun picture of the two.

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Mandy said...

Love reading about each of your cute kids, and I too adore Collin's picture. What smart, fun, adorable kids you have!! And they have some pretty amazing parents too {may I add}.