Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Felicity!

7 years ago I was lying in a hospital holding my new born baby girl and calling and waking up my mom and dad to tell them their newest grand-baby had arrived.  She was two weeks early, and made her debut at 4:33am.  We waited until 7:30 to make phone calls, since family was an hour behind us. 

Her delivery was great! I went to the doctor Tuesday morning and was disappointed to find out that despite contractions constantly all weekend, I was not even 1cm.  I called my mom when i got home and told her that I gave up any prospect on this little girl ever coming early and prepared myself for the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.  Justin and I got called to go over to a meeting at the church and went at 9pm.  I vaguely remember a contraction there at about 10.  We got home, put Jaicie to bed and Justin went straight to sleep.  I was having trouble being tired and so I sat in bed for a while.  At midnight, I had my first contraction.  10 minutes late I had another one.  After 3-10 minute contractions, they started at 5 minutes.  At 1am they hit 3 minutes.  At 2am I woke Justin up and asked him how long I needed to have 3 minute contractions before going to the hospital.  He grumbled and said you aren't even having them why are you waking me up to talk about that now,  then he rolled over and looked at me and jumped out of bed... "how long have they been going?" I told them the timing and he quickly looked out the window to see if our neighbor downstairs had gotten home from work.  She usually got home at 2.  She was pulling in the parking lot and Justin called her and told her we needed her to keep the monitor, which we left in their apartment just for this occasion. She met us on the stairs going out the door and while I stopped and had another contraction, she told us she would get Jaicie in the morning and bring her over. 

We arrived at the hospital at 2:30, I was checked and was a 5 or so.  At 3 I got an epidural, at a 7, I believe, and after two contractions, the epidural no longer worked and I was complete.  The nurse called me speedy Gonzalez and told me to wait for the doctor.  The doctor had this plan that you let the baby do all the work and then push very little.  So I suffered through pain medication free contractions til he arrived at 4:25.  At 4:27 I had a contraction and pushed and at 4:30 I had a contraction and pushed.  Felicity was completely out at 4:33am.  My beautiful little girl was 6 pounds 5 ounces and 18.5 inches long.  She was perfectly healthy. 

When I called my parents, my dad answered the phone.  He was instantly worried something was wrong, is everything okay? He asked.  I told him our news and he handed the phone to my mom.  Mom was so happy and said they would be up as soon as they could.

That night in the Hospital there were 11 moms who gave birth.  Did i mention that it was a full moon?  There was a full recovery unit and only 8 moms going home,  I remained in the now clean birthing suite til about 11am because they had no room to move me too.  Jaicie showed up about 9am and got to see her new baby sister.  It was such a wonderful day. 

Today Felicity is turning 7. She is growing up so much. I am so happy that she gets to call me mommy!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELICITY ILENE.  My sweet little Liccy Lee you make me so happy and make me smile every day!  Keep learning, keep becoming your own person, keep being YOU!  You are a bright light in my life and I am so happy to have you!!

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