Friday, February 24, 2012


 Blogging has been a few and far between thing for me lately. I have not been  too keen on sitting down and writing anything lately. But today, I have some news to share.

The kids are all excited to share with the world that they are getting a new baby in their house the end of Summer. Collin is especially excited to announce that he has been promoted and is now the BIG BROTHER!

All three kids are extremely excited for this change. So far the girls think we are having a boy, but really want a girl. And Collin says we are having a baby brother.  Its been an exciting couple of months for us. Here is some of the info.

On December 30, 2011, we took an at home pregnancy test and confirmed what we were already pretty certain about. That we were expecting a new little baby!  Later that day, we made sure to call Justin's parents. Justin's dad, as he mentioned on this post passed away on January 9th. On Dec 30th, we knew the day was coming soon, but we had no clue how soon it would be. We wanted to make sure that he knew before moving on to the Heaven's that he would have a little grand-baby to send along to us in a few months. Later that weekend we let my dad know. We were excited to share the news with some, but felt the need to keep it quiet a little longer. Over the week following Paul's death and leading up to his funeral, while Justin was in Las Vegas, HE managed to spill the beans to his siblings. I managed to let one brother know, but didn't get a chance to share the news with the other two brothers or my sister before the funeral services that Saturday. When we arrived to the viewing/funeral on January 14th and took a look at the program, we realized that news had cleverly been spilled for us!  Added on the "Survived By" list was this following: "Justin and Jaidi Clayton, Jaicie, Felicity, Collin and ?"  Needless to say, my brothers who all attended the funeral were in for a bit of a surprise when they sat down. Luckily none of them are prone to easy offending, so they understood.  Those attending the funeral were privy to the information A LOT earlier that we had any intention of sharing it. But it was okay, none of them knew anyone in Oklahoma, so we weren't too worried that the news would be shared among those we would see frequently.
Baby #4 - Peanut- at 7 Weeks 5 days

Jump ahead 2 weeks and you find Justin and I (Justin after a full night and busy night at the hospital) at the Doctors office. We were fortunate to get a glimpse of the little Peanut inside and though there isn't much to see in the picture, the baby is there. At that point we were 7 weeks 5 days. Peanut wouldn't stay still to hear the heart beat, but we got to see the little blob anyway! Though the ultrasound only showed one, my symptoms and my gut, kept telling me that there might be two babies in there. Searching for ultrasounds of twins at 8 weeks, resulted in clear pictures that are very much like this one. So unfortunately, it didn't help me feel settled that we only had one in there.

Baby #4 - Peanut- at 11 Weeks 5 days
This morning, I was fortunate to go back to the doctor. As the nurse took me to my room, I asked if it would be possible to get a quick ultrasound to make sure there is only one. She took me down to the ultrasound and the doctor came in a short while later. After explaining my thoughts, he showed me a very quick peak at Peanut. He then explained his ultrasound machine is old and the resolution is horrible, and that is why the pictures are bad. But regardless, during the ultrasound, Peanut gave me a nice wave or high five, whatever you'd like to call it. Peanut is sitting strong at 11 weeks 5 days today and has a good heart beat and is doing well. And Peanut is ALL alone in there and not sharing space with another little one.

So the big question on everyone's mind (since I know your world does in fact revolved around me) is when is Peanut going to make his or her debut?  Well the due date for little Peanut is September 9th. Because of bad complications with Collin's delivery, an emergency C-section, a perforated Uterus from a Mirena IUD, and many other worries (and not to mention doctor wouldn't VBAC anyway) I have a C-Section planned for September 2. But, my babies have each come earlier, 1 week early, 2 weeks and 2 1/2 weeks. So, I am kind of expecting the end of August,my luck Peanut will decide to join us  the first day of school!  :)  Regardless, we are ecstatic for Peanut's arrival and look forward to the changes that will surely come through the next 6 1/2 months...(That just doesn't sound right!!)  We will keep you posted on the many changes. Though pictures of me pregnant may be few and far between. Justin is never home to take them, and as good as Collin is at taking a picture, I don't know that he takes them well enough to actually get me in them! :)

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