Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Since Jaicie's baptism, we have had a hectic and crazy few weeks!  The day of her baptism, we spent with her grandparents. That night, Justin's oldest brother Paul and Karry arrived for a week long visit. We had a great time spending the week with them. It was wonderful to see them and be able to show them at least a little about what we love about Oklahoma City!  They left on Saturday the 23rd of July. That day, we spent the afternoon at an Orthopedic Department Pool party followed by an evening of games at the Jeppson's house. It was a great day.

Sunday, Justin had to miss church. He was going into his night float shift and had not slept the night before very well. So he stayed home and slept. I got the kids gathered up and in the car and headed to church. I got to church and managed a graceful trip on the curb. at first thought I was fine. Then I stood up and picked all of my stuff and noticed to 1inch marble size lumps on my left hand along with immediate Blue from the middle of my palm to about 4 inches above my wrist. We have a few docs in the ward, so I left the children to wander in behind me and made a quick beeline for one of the ER physicians. He took a look and said that I had broke blood vessels in my wrist, but beyond that, he couldn't say. He helped me get some ice on it and that quickly helped with the swelling. But the coloring just got worse and darker. I sat through the meetings, Leaving regularly to refill the bag of ice. After Relief Society, our good friends the Jeppson's took the kids for me and I met Justin at the hospital for the start of his shift. He took me up to radiology and they did some x-rays. Word was it wasn't broken.On the way home, I discovered I had also broken blood vessels in my right hand. No where near as bad, but it hurt too!
My wrist, day 1
From wrist

The pain and the swelling got progressively worse through Friday morning. Justin took me down to get more x-rays just to make sure. Since apparently broken wrists can take a while to show themselves in x-rays. After Friday the pain started to let up a little bit. I have kept my wrist in a splint since the Wednesday after my fall. It has been in it mostly until today. My already jammed and painful thumb has been a pain all along with the wrist. IN the splint my thumb hurts, out of the splint my wrist hurts. But today it hasn't been as bad. Last night while watching TV I did some finger workouts with this little puzzle thing I got for Justin a while ago. It seemed to help quite a bit. My thumb is still struggling to straighten out when stretch my fingers. But it is getting closer and better. The docs (Justin and his buddy Tim) told me to keep a splint on for 2-3 more weeks since the second set of x-rays, I managed 1 1/2 weeks. But I just can't keep doing it. I need to strengthen my wrist. It hurts not too! (Course it hurts strengthening it too!) But hopefully, it will help everything get better!

Here are the other pictures, if you care to take a look!

So after family in town for 2 weeks (which we LOVED!) and a nearly broken wrist recovery for 2 weeks, I am now officially ready for school to start!  My insanity levels are maxed out! But I have to say that I am truly grateful for the wonderful friends that we have made here that are always such a huge help when we need them!  Thanks guys!

School starts for the kids on August 19th. Jaicie will be starting 3rd grade and Felicity will be starting 1st grade! What an exciting year this will for them! 

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