Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jaicie's Baptism

Justin and I were blessed to share a beautiful day with some of our family and friends, but most importantly, with our beautiful daughter Jaicie. It was such an extraordinary day for us. I wrote the following in my journal that night. I should have blogged about it that too. But Things have been a little crazy!  I'll post about that later!

June 17, 2011~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My little girl was baptized yesterday. On Thursday she turned 8 and she was baptized on Saturday. It was such a glorious experience. The spirit was felt so strong in that room. My dad gave the talk on baptism. He used this example of pennies. He had a few newly minted pennies and then a few that were really dirty. Then he had two cups of water. He put two dirty pennies in each cup. Then after a little while he talked about how when you have the right chemicals the pennies can be cleaned. He pulled two pennies out of one of the cups and they were cleaner. Turns out one of the cups had vinegar and salt or something in it. The other cup just had water. He was showing that baptism is the same way. You can be baptized by someone who doesn't have the authority, but it doesn't clean away the sins. But when you are baptized by someone who has the priesthood, then your sins are watched away. It was such a neat example that I had never seen before. Jaicie really seemed impressed by it. She told me afterwards that it is kind of like taking a shower with and without soap, you don't really get clean unless you use the soap. It seems she kinda got the idea! :) 

Then Jaicie was baptized. It was so amazing. When I met her in the bathroom afterward, she told me that was so fun and she was glad that she gets to do it again at the temple when she turns twelve. Then she told me that she felt so good. It was so wonderful to be able to talk to her right after it happened and hear how she felt.

Maureen gave a talk on the holy ghost after the baptism. She shared a few different stories about people recognizing the voice of the holy ghost. one of the stories was when Paul was the legal adache in Israel and a member of the district presidency. He felt the impression that he needed to tell the head of the Jerusalem center that the BYU students couldn't go to this one particular shopping center that they often went too, the next day. The head of the Jerusalem wondered if he had intelligence that would lead them to believe there would be an attack. He said no and they hung up. Then another member of the district presidency called the same person and said the same thing to him. Afterwards, he decided not to allow the students to go. The next day there were two suicide bombers that exploded in that shopping center killing many people, but none of the BYU Jerusalem center students. It was such a great story.

Jaicie was then confirmed a member of the church and given the gift of the holy ghost. I wish I could remember all of the things that Justin told her in the blessing. I should have him write some of his thoughts down about it so I can keep them. It was such a beautiful blessing and it was clear that she was very loved!

Then Brother Hoyjberg from the bishopric got up to welcome her to the ward. He said that he has always been impressed with Jaicie. The first time he interacted with her was at the Christmas party and that he was amazed at how smart she is. And then as he has seen her respond to questions in primary, she always has a great answer. Then sister Bull got up and said the same thing. I have always been amazed by my little girl, the thing I didn't realize was that everyone else is too!  She is such an amazing little girl.

I told her yesterday about my thoughts on the term Proud and pleased. I told her why I have a tendency to tell her that I am pleased with her and not that I am proud of her. I said, Heavenly Father, when he speaks of his Son always says This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. He doesn't say that I am proud of him. I told her about how pride can be a bad thing and so rather than saying I am proud of her, I say that I am pleased with the things that she does and is becoming. I told her that when someone says I am proud of you, there is nothing wrong with that. But between her and I, I think the word pleased means so much more and is just a slightly better word. After all, it is the word that Heavenly Father chooses to use to describe His Son.

It was a beautiful day, and a wonderful occasion. Jaicie is so loved and appreciated. This morning when I went in to get them up, I found her laying on her bed reading her scriptures. I took a picture so I can treasure that memory. It is such a wonderful example she is setting for her brother and sister! Even Felicity wants to be reading the scriptures!

I truly am pleased with my little girl. She has been working hard since that day to read the scriptures. She has been listening to the Holy Ghost and responding accordingly, even telling me the truth after a lie that I didn't even know was a lie (and it happened a while ago).  At the baptism we were blessed to have many good friends and family there. In attendance were:
Felicity and Collin
The Butler Family
Amber and Mitchell Harmon (one of Jaicie's best friends and his mom)
Jessica and Adam Jeppson
Sara Wimmer
Grandpa & Grandma Kay Pierce
Adam Hoybjerg
Linda Bull
Karen Hutto
Gram and Grand-daddy Clayton

Jaicie is such a blessing to our family and I treasure every minute I get to share with her!  Here are some more pictures of her from her very special day!

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