Monday, April 11, 2011

Night Float, Books and Logs

I have so many things mulling around in my head lately.

Most of all is Justin’s night float schedule. I hate it. It is a rough schedule for me. He works from 6pm to 6ish am every night. He gets home around 7:00am and goes right to sleep. He wake up at about 3 and then leaves for work at 5:30pm. He keeps saying to me “I see you the same amount of time as I usually do, what’s the difference?” He doesn’t seem to get the way my head works sometimes. To me, even sleeping, I have time to spend with him. So even if he gets home at 8 and goes to bed at 9 at night, then I get that hour, plus the whole night. I sleep well, I am relaxed and I enjoy our ‘time’ together. But the way things are this month, I sleep alone, which means I don’t sleep at all. My evenings are spent lonely. My temper is short because I am not getting sleep.  It makes for a very interesting day.

On top of that, Justin is sleeping in the house all day and I feel like I have to either keep the kids out of the house, or keep the kids silent. He reminds me constantly that I don’t need to worry about it. He wears good ear plugs and a eye mask.  So he actually sleeps through all the noise. But that doesn’t mean it gets through my head. I think the kids patience level with me is getting thin, and mine is virtually gone.  I hate it!

So again, if anyone is curious, I HATE NIGHT FLOAT!  He has to do it again in July and August for the whole 2 months. Sunday through Thursday nights. He has Friday and Saturday off, but he stays up most of the night and sleeps most of the day so that he can stay close to the same schedule. Like I said, I HATE NIGHT FLOAT!

Aside from that, our family is doing alright. The kids are trying to entertain themselves as much as is possible. I am working and working and having fun building my business. It has been fun meeting new people and working out projects for them. I love it!

Jaicie is reading The Sea of Monsters right now. And is looking forward to finishing it, so she can read Diary of a Whimpy Kids Dog Days book. In June she will be receiving her copy of the Sword of Darrow signed by the author, with her name in the back. She is really excited!

Felicity is reading her way through the Saxon phonics book set that Jaicie got from her Kindergarten class. She can read much better than she is usually willing to do. She does a great job and is really starting to read more things. She tries to sound out everything and it is so fun to watch.

Collin is learning his ABC’s. Right now he sings the letters frequently. He watches ABC videos that do letter sounds and images of the letters daily. He is constantly asking for the ABC Videos on my phone. Everyday while we wait in the car for the girls to come out he is learning his ABC’s. Last weekend, we bought him a dollar set of fridge magnet letters. As soon as I gave them to him, he immediately pulled out the W and Said W really loud. It made me happy!  I guess the videos are doing well. We have a game we played with the kids called the Jelly Bean game where they would identify letters and get jelly beans. Right now we don’t have the vast amount of jelly beans we had back then, and I don’t know if I want that much sugar, but we are going to come up with something that he will love.

As for me, I am currently in the midst of reading Orson Scott Card's Book Pathfinder. It is an interesting book that totally challenges the space-time continuum.  I am very interested to finish it so that I can see how it all pans out. I mean really, the kid steals a knife from someone that lived hundreds of years ago. Anyway, as soon as I finish I will be posting a review about it on my Books Blog. So you can keep an eye on it over there!

Collin has taken to building houses with his Lincoln Logs. Oh my gosh. He runs up to me and tells me he built a house and he really has, roof and all. It is fun to see him figuring things out that he hadn’t known before.  

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c2sisters said...

Jaidi, I loved reading about how you felt about night float because I feel EXACTLY the same way! Nice to know I'm not alone! It's great keeping up with how you're doing. It's been so long since I talked to you! Good luck surviving the night float.
-Becky Ginos