Thursday, March 31, 2011

Report Cards and STAR reports

Today was report card day!  There is only one more  set of 9 weeks before Summer vacation. And NO I am not excited. I am sure that it will be great, but lets be honest, its a lot of days with the kids and I have NO clue what I am going to do with them all summer. But on the plus side, it does mean that I am that many steps closer to seeing family. We have exciting visits from Family for Jaicie's Baptism. We have both sets of grandparents coming and my grandma, my mom's mom, is coming with two of my moms sisters and my cousin. I am so excited that everyone gets to come to Jaicie's baptism and it will all mean SO much to her and me!  I am also looking forward to a drive up to Loveland CO to visit my sister. It will; be wonderful to be able to spend some time with her and her family. The drive up there, I am not looking forward too, but the vacation and time with Michelle is definitely worth the drive!

Anyway, back to report cards and STAR reports.

Jaicie got a great report card. Here in OK they don't move to letter grades until 3rd grade. So she is still just getting just marks for completion. Overall not an overly exciting report card. She is doing great and on track to start 3rd grade in August. The excitement for her came in her STAR reports. She did both a STAR Math and a STAR reading. Jaicie does really great in school. I didn't realize quite how well she does in school. In Math she is at a Grade Level Equivalent of 4.9. That means her math skills are at the level they should be after the 9th month of 4th grade. She is in the 97 percentile nationally for students in second grade. Yeah, she is in 2nd grade, not 4th!  GO Jaicie. Her reading score is equally impressive. She is at a grade level equivalent of 5.6, so where she should be after the 6th month of 5th grade. She is in the 99th percentile nationally. I knew she was reading well, but she really is doing well!  She has read The Lightning Thief and is currently reading The Sea of Monsters. I am so proud of Jaicie. She does so well in if only the talking and arguing while there could cut back! :)

Felicity is doing great in school. Her report card was impressive as well. She has learned to recognize all 26 letters uppercase and lower case. She also knows the sounds of 25 of the letters. She needs a little more work on the letter U. She can identify her sight words and is learning to read much better. She can count to 100, when it is only expected (according to the report card) to get to 30. She has also taken to counting by 5s and 10s as well. She can make it up to 100 with both. She seems to have a very strong math mind. She likes to add and subtract numbers and has even asked a couple times about multiplying. She can also write her first and last name!  GO LICCY!  I am so happy with everything she is doing!  She loves to read too. She doesn't particularly like to do it when we want her too!  So we are working on that!

As for Collin, he is doing awesome!  He can now sing his ABC's almost all the way through by himself. The letters are not always coherent, but he does a good job. He particularly  does well after he is put in bed and stays up singing until 11pm...not teh funnest of times. He can also identify colors of the rainbow. His favorite color is red I think. But he can identify a bunch of others as well. He enjoys counting and saying his ABC's with us and asks us to do so frequently. He loves spongebob and bubble guppies. His favorite thing to say when you ask who do you love - he says - I LOVE MEEEEE  as seen in the video below! Love it!

I so love my kids!  They are 3 of the 4 greatest blessings in my life. And I am so grateful for the wonderful kids they are. I cannot begin to tell you how very proud the make me. Way to go kids! I love you, all the way to the moon and back again a bazillion times! They really are STAR's!

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Mandi said...

Sounds like you've got some little smarties. Good for them. Congrats on having such great kids!