Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend 2011

This year for us, Easter was a bit different.

For the past 4 years, I have made the girls Easter dresses every year. It was something that we picked out together (sort of).  I threw them together, last year, I did it Saturday night before Easter Sunday. This year, well, it just didn't work out. I have too many other things I am working on lately, to throw that into the mix too, so it didn't get done!  Lucky for me, the Easter Bunny was paying close attention to the Clayton home and somehow knew that I didn't get that done!  The Easter Bunny brought a small amount of candy, only 3 things for each child, and 2 each for Justin and I. Then he brought each of the kids an outfit for Easter Sunday. I really like the tradition of making Easter dresses for my girls. It was something that I remember my mom doing, and I enjoyed sharing that memory with my girls. But this year, it just wasn't in the cards.

Here is Jaicie's Dress:

And Felicity's Dress:

And Collin's a stud in his shorts and shirt. Who cares that it was only 65 degrees today and raining, he still wore his shorts!

Justin is working Night Float this month (last week by myself in the evenings [at least til July and August]). Since he works Sunday through Thursday nights, he had last night off. We had a great evening with some friends and had Easter Dinner last night. Church gets out at 4:30 for us and so Justin wouldn't have had time to enjoy Easter dinner with us if we had waited til today. So we had Adam and Jessica Jeppson over for a great ham and potatoes dinner. The JEppson's brought along an Awesome salad and dressing (that I need the recipe for) some yummy parkerhouse rolls, and amazing brown bottom cupcakes filled with cream cheese and sugar...Yeah Need that recipe too! :) After we ate, cleaned up, ate dessert, cleaned up again, and got the kids all to bed, we busted out the game night!

Mansions of Madness
We have been doing this frequently lately.  We get together with the Jeppson's and play these awesome games that they have (we don't have ANY good games!) Anyway, last night we played Mansions of Madness. This game is awesome!  This is the second time we have played it and last time Adam (the Keeper) won. Last night though, I have to say, it went much better for the rest of us, or maybe just Jessica and I. I can't write up nearly the explanations that Adam and Jessica are able to write, scroll down to the 26th of March to read about the last time we played. Jessica died battling a witch for about the 20th time during the night. Justin went completely insane and Adam took complete control over all his actions. And he eventually came into the same room as me and threw a lantern at me, setting me on fire and killing me. Little did they realize that I can respawn as a new character. When I died they played the objective card and we found out the goal for the investigators...We had to escape the lobby, Justin as the controlled zombie, had to beat me to the freezer. It came down to one final roll, If justin won the roll, Adam won the game with Justin tagging a long. If I won the roll, then Jessica and I wont the game...It really came down to this one final roll. Justin rolled a 4, I didn't have much luck here, I usually roll high.  But I rolled and got a 3. Which meant, my new guy who came running in the door with his .45 blazing, turned around and ran outside like a dog with his tail between his legs, but hey scared or not, we still won!  :)

It was a blast and quite the way to spend our Easter eve!

Justin left from Church today to go directly to the hospital. So for me, Easter today has been a lot of reflection. I have always had a great appreciation for the atonement, especially over the past 5 years, since my mom died. Christ's atonement has helped me bare the grief and sorrow of loosing her, but also helped me find comfort in knowing that I will see her again some day. I cannot even began to express my gratitude to my Savior Jesus Christ for living his life, giving his life and rising again for my sake, for my children's sake, for my mother's sake...for all of us. What a sacrifice is was for him and my Father in Heaven, and I am SO appreciative of that. It is hard in this time of commercialization to remember the real meaning of Easter, but I am happy to say that both my girls told me the story about Christ's resurrection today. Easter Bunny or not, they know why we are here. Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all had a great day!

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