Thursday, February 24, 2011


Name: Nic's Grill
Location: 1201 North Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Website: None
Type of Food: Burgers, Breakfast, daily special
Kid Friendly?: Sometimes

I first heard about Nic's Grill on Diners Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri on the Food Network. The owner bought a property with a couple apartments, and oh by the way, an abandoned diner. It only seats 15 people, but you can be sure all seats are taken at any given time. It has a very old school feel to it, with half the seats at the counter and only enough standing room to order. A huge flat top griddle/grill is in plain site where all the magic happens. The small space and being constantly busy are are the reasons I listed it as sometimes kid friendly.

My wife and I drove to Nic's Grill together and after seeing the line which literally went out the door and to the corner, we elected to have her stay in the car and I waited in line. At the time I didn't realize that getting there at 11:30 was asking for a wait. I was in line for probably 35 minutes before I even ordered, and waited another 10-15 before I got our burgers (which I took to go). The wait was worth it 100%. His specialty is an onion burger that is about 1/2 a pound of juicy, greasy beef. The grilled onions only make it that much messier and add so much flavor. As a side we had his freshly cut curly fries. The fries are better than average even with nothing on them, but they are stellar with a little seasoning.

Depending on what day of the week you go, you may be able to get one of his daily specials: meat loaf, fried chicken, or pork chops - all made by hand right there. He also does breakfast starting at about 7:00. You'd better watch the clock and calendar though because Nic's is only open weekdays from 7-2 and it's busy at just about any time of day, though it does slow down a little from about 9-10:30 from what I hear. It's also strictly cash only, so don't waste your time driving there or waiting if all you have is a check or plastic.

In my opinion, eating a burger is about (temporarily) throwing health to the wind and enjoying a bit of delicious indulgence. If you aren't in the mood for that kind of greasy, ridiculously tasty burger stay away. But take my advice: a Nic's Grill burger is worth the deviation from your diet like no other burger you will ever try! (Now I'm salivating just thinking about it . . .)

Check out the video from Diners Drive-ins and Dives . . .

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