Thursday, February 24, 2011


Name: Pops
Location: 660 W. Highway 66, Arcadia, OK 73007
Type of Food: Burgers and Soft Drinks
Kid Friendly?: YES

Pops is a Burgers and soda POP place located on historic Route 66 in Arcadia, OK, just east of Edmond (which is a suburb of OKC). It's actually a gas station, but before even going inside you'll notice it is not the typical place to fill up (in neither sense). The main walls of the building are made of glass and lined with glass shelves which display hundreds of different kinds of soft drinks, all in bottles. Half of the inside is a shop and the other half is a diner style restaurant.

We went straight to the diner side and ordered dinner. I had the Arcadia Burger which has bacon, sweet BBQ sauce, and crumbled bleu cheese. I also ordered cheese fries and a Round Barn Root Beer (on tap). Jaidi had the OKC Burger which was topped with guacamole, green chiles, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and some sort of mayonaise. She also had root beer, but got onion rings instead of fries.

My snapshot: the burgers were very good, but the patties were a little small. I would definitely order a double on a return visit. The fries were nothing to brag about. They tasted like something you could buy in the frozen food section of Walmart. The onion rings, on the other hand, were excellent - crispy and properly seasoned. Though the burgers are good, the real winner here is the unbelievably huge selection of soft drinks. Their most popular drink fridge has 24 different drinks, and that's barely a fraction of what they offer. By far the best choices are the drinks which are made with real cane sugar.

We went to the shop afterwards which is basically a very nice gas station shop (I know that sounds like a contradiction). They sell T-shirts, and other little things with the Pops logo and have some really catchy sayings on their products. Obviously the best reason to go to the shop is to pick from their myriad bottles of soft drinks. We left with a 6 pack consisting of 6 different drinks. The drinks are pricey, so it's not the place to get your routine supply of Coke, but if you want something different and quite tasty, this is definitely the drink stop to visit.

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