Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coupons and Recipes

So I am needing to start something a little new in my life. I need to start saving money on food. I know I should have been doing this all along, but our budget is a little tight these days. So I am looking for ways that people out there go about saving money on meals, specifically. (but deals on others stuff too). What is your couponing method? I have heard some people do all online coupons, some people still clip and organize coupons from the paper. I want to know what methods you use and what works best for real people! :)

I am also looking for great pantry recipes. The kinds of recipes that people can pull most of the ingredients out of their pantry and have to buy a few things here and there.

So I would love to hear your input and get some feedback on both topics! I look forward to hearing from lots of you!


Michelle said...

I coupon like crazy. Just make sure you don't get carried away, it's easy to start to want to and try to get all of the deals and you could end up spending more money or going crazy. Try and There are tons of blogs in Utah for stuff like this and I'm sure there are where you are too. I just started clicking on links or doing searches for mommy bloggers that do couponing stuff, you'll find out quickly which ones you like and don't like. I put them in my google reader so i don't have to remember to go to each site, it just comes to me. I've also signed up for all sorts of restaurants mailing lists so I can get free meals around my birthday...I've done it for Jeff and Landon as well, though it might not be as benneficial for you right now since you have 3 kids and you'd end up paying for the rest of you to eat...but it could be something to look forward to your birthday if nothing else to get the free meals. Good luck! It's fun but time consuming.

Michelle said...

Sorry, I told you the wrong link, it should be This one is nice because they have printable shopping lists that they update with the best deals (not sure how comprehensive it will be for OK but you can try it).

JLPierce Ohana said...

I've done the couponing thing, but what I'm really liking is the bulk cooking- or what Michelle does- Once A Month Cooking. I use a site called and was able to do her Summer menu (3 months) for $250/family since my sister does it with me.

You can do the ecoupons which won't take up too much time, money or ink- then if you buy those things they automatically subtract, but since you're going to already be shopping the sale prices, you'll save even more! I got about 50% savings with ecoupons, but it went up over 60% with paper coupons. Here are a few blogs that cover the stores in your area for help: