Monday, June 28, 2010

Lots of new pictures

I have uploaded some fun new pictures lately, and thought I would post some of them.

First of all---Collin turned 2! I can't believe it! We had a fun little party for him. Just the family!  Here are those pictures!

Second--The kids have been having tons of fun lately! I happened to remember to grab the camera lately, and took these!

And last, but certainly no where near the least--Here are a couple of pictures of Justin!

Hope you enjoy!


Jon + Kat said...

It's been fun checking blogs of friends and all about the 2nd birthday of our boys! Our you super stoked for the 30th? We miss you guys!

Katyanne said...

i prefer my doctors to wear shoes....but that's just me :)
congrats again you guys. how exciting