Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our New Home...Pictures...FINALLY!

Well we have finally gotten the pictures posted for our new home. The house isn't completely put together, but it is getting a lot closer! 

The kids had a chance to play in the sprinkler tonight after dinner. The girls, even last year, hated to be in the sprinkler, so I didn't think Collin would really play in it. AS you can see from the pictures, he did!  But they had so much fun and really enjoyed themselves.

So now, I have finally gotten pictures posted of our house! And I hope you enjoy!


The Clayton Family said...

how wonderful for you guys. Glad you are settled. The house is so cute. Man...what would I do for a lawn and to be able to run the sprinkler for fun without being afraid of a fine or something ;0)

Pokeyann said...

How fun! Looks like lots of space! Could have told you, boys and water go hand in hand. :)