Monday, May 13, 2013

Road Trip Games

In less than 3 weeks, Justin and I are taking the kids on a week long trip to visit family in Colorado!  It is an 11 hour drive, plus the allotment of time for gas, potty breaks, eating, etc.  We are choosing to leave at night, right after Justin gets off, in hopes that the kids will sleep most of the way, and that we will get there and have some time to spend with one of their cousins, before she leaves for the week! We are really excited.  I have started putting together some game ideas for the kids, to keep them occupied, because we know they won't sleep that well in the car... This one is the first one I have put together.  I know there were lots on line, but I wanted something a little different...

It is Battleship. My girls LOVE playin battleship.  they have one with military and aliens or something like that.  The ships are different for both, but I didn't go that far!  I am going to take the printed pages, laminate them and put them in separate file folders.  They will each have a dry erase marker and will have instructions on the back to remind them how to play and a cover picture.  So i will print each page, with 2 copies of the instructions and 2 copies of the cover image.

Please feel free to use these. It should be fun for the girls.  They really enjoy playing games together and hopefully, this will help them pass the time!

You can download the PDF for the file here.

 The file was adapted from MomsMinivan. I loved the idea, but wanted things a little bit different.  She did a great job with the instructions though.  So thanks to Laurel from Mom's Minivan for the idea!  I am also going to be putting together some other ideas in the next couple weeks!

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