Thursday, April 25, 2013

8 months and counting!

See that cute boy over there...He turned 8 months yesterday. He is growing up SO fast. I am not ready to let go of my baby boy yet!  Here is a little about my 8month old little man!

He army crawls all over the place.  He almost looks like an inch worm they way he moves.  Maybe the inch worm crawl would be a better name.  He gets himself up on his knees at times, but usually his shoulders are on the floor at those points. He hasn't quite mustered up the power to get on his hands and knees, but that doesn't stop him in any way.  He is getting everything on the floor and I am constantly jumping around trying to pull something I missed off the floor.  He instantly crawls over to the dogs toys (GROSS!) and tries to bite them.  (Now to teach pugsley not to leave his toys out) If you set him down on the floor in front of you on his back within about 20 seconds he has rolled over and crawled completely across the floor to get something.

He loves playing with his sisters and brothers. And thinks the noises they make to make him laugh are the greatest things in the world.  His laughs are one of my favorite sounds (okay one of my FOUR favorite sounds, each of the kids laughs are some of my favorites) but there is something about a baby's laugh that just makes me smile! 

He currently has 2 teeth, but is trying hard to push a couple more teeth out.  His bottom teeth are in and his top teeth are coming.

He can sit up fine, but he'd prefer to kiss his toes. He will sit completely straight up if there is something to get his attention, but if not, he kisses, or sucks on his toes. It is pretty cute!

He LOVES his bath. He things sitting up and playing with the water is awesome.As this picture is evidence of- he stares at the water. Then he will lean in and stick his head in the water (WHAT??? I won't even do that - I hate water on my face) Then he sits back and laughs, and then does it all over again!  When he is laying down in the water he just laughs and giggles.  He loves water.  The other day he rolled over and started kicking his legs in the water and splashing and having a blast.  I think he will love the summer and swimming...once he gets past the cold water!

He also loves food.  Up until now we had been doing 2 feedings of solids a day and the others feedings were formula.  As of today, that has to change!  Today we are starting a Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner and bedtime bottle schedule.  Bottles just aren't enough food for him...ever!  And he doesn't want just a bottle.  He would much rather sit in his high chair and eat puffs and mum mums by himself then let me feed him a bottle.  But he eats SO WELL.  He will eat anything. And doesn't care what it is.  He loves fruit and oatmeal together and veggies and rice cereal. But he no longer has to have them mixed together. 

He thinks being outside in the wind is the best thing ever.  He laughs when the wind blows in his face, as long as it isn't cold wind. (which is mostly what we have had lately). He loves being outside in general. I should take more advantage of the fact and get outside with him more often!

He is a champion sleeper!  He sleeps from 8 to about 6:30 or 7 every day. But doesn't get fussy when he wakes up in the morning, so hangs out in his bed til about 7:15. Then between 8:30 and 9 he usually goes down for a nap til about 10:30 or 11. Then he naps again about 1 for an hour or two. Then after the kids are all home, he usually sleeps for about an hour around 4:00. He sleeps like Jaicie slept as a baby, but doesn't sleep as long over night. 

We have taken away his pacifier!  We are those horrible parents that can't stand waking up in the middle of the night because baby wants a paci...not for food, not for blankies, just to suck on a pacifier.  Despite the fact that he could get it into his mouth on his own, he woke up crying and cried for a while because the paci usually fell out of his bed with all his sleeping movements. I couldn't do it anymore so we have taken it away and he is a pro at sleeping without it now.  He still wants it sometimes, but he is getting better at it!

I think I have covered all his accomplishments right now. Which is good, since I have virtually written a whole book here.  And just cuz its so cute. here is a fun video of my baby boy!

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