Friday, March 29, 2013

Staring into Space - and Seeing Angels...

Timothy has this thing that he does... He will be sitting on your lap and then lean himself forward and look at you out of the top of his eyes.  This picture KIND OF captures the moment.  It is really cute when the image isn't blurry...okay, lets be honest, its cute anyway!  :)

I have long thought that babies have a special connection to those on the other side.   There have been countless times with all of my babies that we catch them staring off into space, giggling at an empty corner and smiling big at a blank wall. I am pretty sure I can pick times with all of them, but recently I watched a moment with Timothy that was particularly connected.

Above our Living room couch, we have this decorative opening.  Timothy stares at it ALL THE TIME!  The other day, I was holding him on my lap and he started leaning forward like he does frequently.  This time though he was leaning toward the wall.  Then he tilted his chin down and looked, out of the top of his eyes the hole in the wall.  He started smiling and giggling and having a great time. It was really cute... and unexpected.  He wasn't looking at his siblings on the floor in front of the couch, he was looking at the wall with a whole in it and a picture. He just stared out of the top of his eyes and giggled and smiled. He was so happy.

Then I got tears in my eyes.  I turned my head and looked up at the hole in the wall. I almost expected to see someone sitting there making him laugh...but I didn't.  It was just empty to me.  But to Timothy, I am certain it was not empty.  I don't know if his Grandma Pierce came to visit him or maybe his Grand-daddy Clayton, or his Aunt Shirley Anne.  I don't know who it was, but someone came to play with Timothy and Timothy played back.  There is something about watching your child interact with angels that makes you think about how close those angels really are...


Timothy inspecting my 'sparkly' (Name that movie - "It's a sparkly")

watching the news with mommy.

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