Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy birthday Collin!!

4 Years ago today, I couldn't have known that in less then 20 hours I would be lying near death, trying to have a baby. I also didn't know then how much that little baby could change my life. Collin joined this world in a bit of turmoil. The morning I went into labor happened to be the morning that I developed an infection, Chorioamnionitis, essentially an infection in my uterus. At first, it was just a mild fever and contractions. We arrived at the hospital about 2. I was dilated to a four, and never progressed much further. However my fever progressed far beyond the mild fever it was to 105 degrees. By 8 that evening, I was still stuck at 4cm, and they couldn't get my fever down at all. Collin was suffering late decels where his heart rate would drop to about 30 at the end of every contraction. I was completely out of it. Most of what I 'know' about that day is what I have heard recapped since then. I remember the doctor coming in and telling me that if I were his mother, or sister, or daughter he would tell me to get a csection. That did it for me. By 8:55 Collin was in the arms of the NICU staff and I was being pumped full of more drugs than I can count just to stabilize me. I remember the CRNA that was doing all of my anesthesia (who was also a friend from church) telling the nurses to show me my baby as they rushed him over to the warming bed to resuscitate him. I remember seeing a blue blob. I don't remember much else from that night. The NICU staff did send up a little photo of Collin so we could see his beautiful face.
From Collin William Clayton
Sometime around the middle of the night my fever broke and I was moved from the maternal fetal unit to the recovery floor most new moms go to, the following morning. On the way from one room to the other, I was wheeled, with all my meds attached to me, to the NICU to see my sweet little boy. Collin was amazing. He spent one day in the section with the sickest babies, and two days in the mid level, and the remainder of his week was spent in the lowest level, where they take the babies to grow. The infection never crossed from the uterus into the placenta. So thankfully, Collin was never in danger from the infection, however, they had to keep him for one week to treat him as if he had because symptoms don't show up right away for the infection in newborns. He was treated and did marvelously.
From Collin William Clayton
Since that day Collin has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Having had two girls before he came along, I didn't know what to expect with a boy. But man I love that little guy. He can usually put a smile on my face in just about every moment of the day. Even when I am upset he will turn things around so quickly. I am forever grateful for the little treasure the Lord blessed me with. There have been struggles as with any child, but he is one of a kind. I can't imagine this next little boy coming out any different, but I am sure he will be another new world to experience. Collin loves everything about life. He is my little architect and builds houses and bridges and robots and anything else he can come up with to build. He loves to play with his sisters and hates when they are gone. Collin is a joy to have in our home. Collin turns four tomorrow. 4! I still cannot believe that it has been four years. And at the same time, I can't believe that it has been only four years. It feels like he has always been with us.
From Easter 2012

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