Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What dreams may come

The day started just like any other. I was out of bed just after 5AM, I kissed Jaidi, and I got ready to head to the hospital. The day progressed in a rather unremarkable fashion. Jaidi was already dressed for the occasion when I got home. Today we have been married 9 years, and every one of those years is a precious series of memories to me.

We don't have an exorbitant income, better than many I suppose, but still not anything to brag about, especially when you consider our family of 5. Nonetheless, Jaidi and I have been best friends for what now already seems to be an almost fantastical lifetime, and 9 years is something we needed to celebrate. To that end we got on some of our best clothes and went somewhere to eat that would normally break the bank.

To be honest, the first few minutes really wasn't extraordinary. The restaurant was nice (the specific place really irrelevant), but initially it was just another dinner out. Maybe the lights reflecting off of her glasses did it, or perhaps just being alone among so many strangers - whatever it was I'm not sure - but as the burning candle glowed softly in her eyes, I found myself once again captivated by the moment. For a while nothing mattered except that one, singular moment where she and I occupied a space in time made only for us. Every earthly care no matter how great or small melted away as we became enveloped by the dream that had come upon us.

Even an attempt at an accurate description of that moment would be grossly understated. Indeed I believe it impossible to completely appreciate such experiences except while they are happening, for once you begin to realize what is transpiring, your attention is no longer fully devoted to that instance of utter serenity. But however short my description may fall, maybe it is enough to simply say that with such a blissful time to recount, I can only look forward and imagine what dreams are still to come.

Jaidi, I love you.

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