Saturday, June 4, 2011

Collin Turns 3!

Three years ago right this very minute, I was laying in a hospital bed, my temperature climbing ever higher, contracting, but not dialating, and had just learned that I would not be going home because of how sick I was. I didn't know then, that a couple hours later, my fever would sit at 105 degrees, I would be contracting, and Collin's heart beat would be dropping. I didn't know then the fears Justin would carry of loosing both his wife and his new baby. I also didn't know then that 5 hours from now, I would be wheeled into the operating room to have an emergency C-Section to save both my life and the life of my little boy. I didn't know then, that Collin would be born blue, or that he would be rushed off to the NICU without hardly a glance my way. I didn't know then that I would spend the night in the maternal fetal unit, hoping to recover from my Chorioamnionitis. I didn't know then, that the baby I was still carrying, would spend a full week in the NICU to make sure he hadn't contracted my infection and developed sepsis because of it

I also didn't know then, that 7 days later, I would bring home my beautiful, perfectly healthy baby boy, the boy who would change my life and bring me so much joy. I didn't know the joy he would bring into my home. I didn't know that he would be such a great friend with his big sisters. I didn't know that his big sisters would love him quite as much as they did.

3 years ago now, There were a lot of things I didn't know. (and most of them have nothing to do with Collin) But one thing I did know then, at 3:18 pm on June 4, 2008, was that I was carrying a little boy who would mean the world to his family.

Collin has been quite a member of the house. As with all boys, he has his moments of pure frustration, but he loves his life. It is hard to believe that I have had him for 3 years now. When he was born, he had to wear preemie size clothes because nothing even newborn size would fit him. Now, we have to buy shirts big enough to wrap around his giant melon. Collin is now in size 3T for pants and shorts, and his shirts are needing to run about 4T. He wears size 7 1/2 shoes, but should probably be wearing 8s. He loves fruit snacks, and thinks his trains and cars are the greatest thing ever! He brings smiles to all of our faces on a regular basis. He talks a lot, and mostly in 3rd person. When I asked him what today was he said: "My Collin Birthday" Or when asked whose car he is playing with his response in My Collin Car. He loves learning new peoples names and loves to call them by their names. He has a great memory for them and never seems to forget a friends name. Collin is such a great kid and I am so proud to be his mom!

I am however, terrible remembering to take pictures. Here is a slide show from his first three years of life. And hopefully, someone got some good pictures of his party, cause I know I didn't...I was too busy having fun.

If you click on the slideshow it will take you into the actual photo album where there are a few captions.

And just for some fun!  Here is the first photo album we made of Collin! :)

And with that, I send a VERY BIG, VERY HAPPY Birthday to my BIG boy Collin. I love you little guy!

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