Thursday, February 24, 2011

Struggles and Strengths.

I thought I would share some of our families struggles and strengths. I am not usually one to air our 'dirty' laundry, but I feel that some of our recent struggles, have really grown into great strengths. They have been uplifting and learning experiences. Please don't judge, we all have our struggles and strengths. 

Jaicie and I have had our moments recently. We have come to butt heads quite a few times. It has been a difficult run for both of us. This week, we have both been trying extra hard on our tempers and how we react to each other. Jaicie and I are very much alike in our tempers. I realized recently that I got the worst of both my parents tempers. (I say that with all love and respect to both my parents).  Jaicie seems to have gotten ALL of my temper. Any way, as a result of both of our tempers, things have gotten a little out of hand a couple of times. But I am proud to say that for both of us, this week has gone about a thousand times better. I am sure there will be road blocks in the road ahead, but I am also sure that with the prayer that has helped us so far, we will be able to get over these moments...Aside from that, Jaicie is doing really well at school. Her reading has taken off. She has read The Wizard of Oz, The Lightning Thief, Diary of a Whimpy Kid 1 and 2, and a whole list of other books. She is reading far beyond her 2nd grade level. Jaicie is also doing great with math. She has started learning multiplication, division and cursive handwriting at school. She has also done some studying on the parts of the brain. It is fun to hear about all she learns at school. 

Felicity is doing really well. She tries to read sometimes. When she is actually willing to try to read, she does really well. But at home she isn't willing to try. She has been that way her whole life--Always wanting to get back to playing or cartoons and not wanting to try to write or read. But we have been working harder and will continue to work hard to keep her on track. She however LOVES math. Already she is figuring out everything she can with addition. I think that she has a brilliant math mind. And again, as long as I can work with her and keep her on track, I think she will really go far in it!  

Collin is doing great! His talking has taken off by leaps and bounds. It is wonderful to hear him talk. He really enjoys counting. 2, 2, 3, 8, 7, 9...Still working on getting those numbers in order. He loves watching ABC videos. And he loves playing on his sisters leapster. He loves spongebob and sings along with the opening song. He will repeat anything you say, so be careful what you say around him.  I have learned a bit about being careful about my speech, more so than normal. Collin has learned a lot lately about Time Out. We have also learned that Time Out is extremely effective with Collin. When he does something he is not supposed to do, we tell him to go sit by the wall in time out and he goes. Within seconds, he calms down and sits patiently until we have him come back and he says sorry. It is really sad, but he has the sweetest look on his face when he comes back. 

In case you hadn't noticed, Justin has taken to helping out withe blog lately. For some reason, he likes to mess around with people's heads and feels the need to post under different names. So when you randomly see different names making posts, that would be the reason!  Justin is finishing up his month in Anesthesia which has been especially lovely. He works few hours and spends lots of time with us. It has been wonderful.  March 1 he begins the beginning of his 6-6 schedule. He will work either 6-6 days or nights, 6 days a week, and will not get a weekend off (Sat or Sun) until July. I think only one of those months involves nights. So for the next few months, I will be going with my 3 little angels to church each Sunday, by myself...It should be especially interesting. So if you see me struggling, know I am doing my best!  But Justin is enjoying his work. And he is happy. I couldn't ask for more. 

As for me, I am doing really well. My scripture study has gone really well. I finished 4th Nephi in my study today. It is amazing the things you learn of the Book of Mormon when you study it the way I have been. Reading along in the institute manual has really enlightened my understanding of the Book of Mormon. I also finished the Doctrines of the Gospel manual a couple of weeks ago. What a great study that was. If you haven't done it before, or not since College, I would encourage you to go to the Church's Institute page and download the manuals, or order them. It really enhances your scripture study. And it also gives you a set study for each day. I have done a chapter just about every day. It keeps stories together and the quotes in the book make clear some of the areas of the Book. I really have loved this course of study. And I am trying to figure out what my next course of study will be. My work is still a bit of a struggle. I am learning for myself what I want to see in clients that I work with. Starting a new business is a huge challenge. I am learning a lot and hopefully, this takes off soon!  Please if you know of anyone in need of some office assistance, send them over to my website at and they can contact me for any work! 

Well, that takes you up to date on our family. 

Struggles really lead us to our strengths. It is hard to see that when we are amidst the difficulties of the struggles, but looking back now, I can see the strengths that are building through each of the struggles our family has seen. 

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Mandi said...

Amidst the struggles, it seems as though you guys are doing well. Struggles are what really make us who we are. So we keep plugging away at it. :)