Monday, January 10, 2011

Sickness and YUCK!

As if I wasn't ready to send kids back to school when Christmas Break was over---I ended up having them home basically for another week. Felicity was home sick Monday-Wednesday, they both managed to go to school on Thursday and Jaicie was home sick (with Justin) on Friday.

It was a horribly LONG week. Felicity woke up Monday complaining of a stomach ache. The rest of the day she was pretty much fine, but her stomach hurt all day. Tuesday I thought she was better and headed out to the gym to work out...I pulled into the parking lot and she promptly threw up ALL over the car. So we went back home, cleaned the car (still trying to get the smell all out), and stayed home. When i went to wake Collin up from his nap, I found him sitting in throw up with more coming out...Lucky for us, we had to leave to go and pick up Jaicie from school. The throwing up continued in the car and for quite a while afterwards. This is how we spent the afternoon.

From Poor sick Collin Jan 2011

On Wednesday, neither Felicity or Collin were up for ANYTHING. We spent the day at home and by 11:00, Collin was like this:

He stayed that way until 3 when we went to pick up Jaicie. He slept basically from 11 to 3.  It was a quiet afternoon for me, as Felicity was also sleeping for about half of that time. Things were slow, but they were finally able to keep food down by dinner and ate. I thought things were going back to normal when both kids went to school on Thursday. Then Justin came home sick Thursday, early from work, That night at about 11, it all hit Jaicie. Friday was a LONG day and was spent caring for sick Jaicie and Justin, and well Collin and Felicity. Luckily the afternoon slowed down a little while Jaicie had some quiet time and Felicity went to school. By Saturday, everyone was mostly feeling better.

i was fortunate that the throwing up never hit me. I was nauseous, but that was most likely from other health issues. All in all, last week was not what I expected.

This week thigns should be better. We have a good friend of Collin's coming to stay with us for a few days while his mom is in the hospital, so my schedule will be a little different this week. But we are excited for Collin to have a friend over this week. And we are offering many prayers in behalf of his mom as she goes in for some major surgery.

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