Monday, January 10, 2011

Dallas/Fort Worth With the Dickens

While in Lubbock we became great friends with the Dicken's family. Their kids and our kids are about the same age and it was so nice to have someone in the same position as we were!  They are still in Lubbock for the rest of this year, but will be moving in Washington State in June. We were lucky enough for all of us to have some time to meet up in the Dallas area and spend some much needed time with our good friends the weekend before Christmas. It was a busy crazy and hectic weekend, but we had so much fun and really enjoyed our visit with them. We didn't take a ton of pictures. Again, our camera sucks, but they took a bunch of pictures. One day we will have to get copies of them!

While in Dallas we went to the Medieval Times and LOVED the dinner and show. It was so much fun!  We also went to see the Polar Express on the OmniMax theatre in Fort Worth. It was so much fun and the kids absolutely loved it!  We also hit the Fort Worth Zoo and really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful vacation that was much needed.

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