Monday, October 25, 2010

World Wind Catch Up

Maybe that title makes no sense...but in my head it worked, so I am going to leave it be! 

It has been quite the world wind month. And I do have a lot of catch up do...After my very quick trip to Hawaii for Grandpa's Funeral the month never really slowed down. I finished that trip and 2 weeks later was leaving on another trip to Vegas for my oldest brothers wedding!  IN between the trips, I tried to spoil my kids with attention, and only ended up driving myself crazy. With Justin as busy as he is this month, he was home so little to offer a break, and so I was running nearly 24-7. But the kids and I had lots of fun...I think.  

My trip to Vegas was a much needed reprieve. (is that the right word). Justin was surprisingly able to join me, and thanks to our friends the Snavely's, the kids did not!  I know 2 trips in 2 weeks without Children!  I was blessed!  Anyway, we were able to fit in a lot more than I thought we were and got to see everyone in both families, at least for a couple of minutes...We made a lot of cinnamon rolls (which Steve and Bree used for their wedding cake as a tribute to my mom). And I even got to eat 2... They were yummy!  But the weekend went by way to fast. Thanks to Steve and Bree for giving us a reason to come to Vegas for the weekend, and sorry again that the children couldn't join us too...sorry to you, not sorry for me!  :)

Since my trip to Vegas there have been few changes in the kids...except that Collin gets more mad if I try to leave him somewhere...

Jaicie was tested and admitted into the Gifted and Talented program. She is so excited that she now gets to go with the other kids in the group to the Enrichment program offered by the school. It is really good for her and I am so happy for her!  She recently finished reading the Lightning Thief and absolutely loved it. She has now moved on the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, loaned to her by her Uncle Steve. The pictures in the book keep her excited to turn each page. She is now up to Chapter 5 and just loves it. She is working on building up her points in the Arthur Club, which is the reading rewards program they have. THe kids read a book and then take a test on it and based on their result get a certain number of points. She gets to eat lunch with her teacher once or twice a month and loves it. She is really a bright star in our household. 

Felicity continues to improve her reading skills. She is spending 20 minutes at least everyday reading books. It is so fun to listen to her sound out words and then get so excited when she gets it. She loves StarFall and thinks it is the greatest when she reads an entire book on the computer. She actually read 3 different books this morning in her 20 minutes. Then after school she read 20 more minutes. She is beginning to have that same love for reading that her big sister has. She Loves school. Even though it is only a half day, she still loves going. She missed one day while I was in Vegas and was actually upset when she told me about it. School brings out the best in her I think. She is really loving learning and enjoying everything that comes with going to school!

Collin is very active, but right now he is a little under the weather. He has been repeating words more and more every day. I am sure if his speech therapist from Lubbock heard him talk she would be amazed, but I still sometimes wonder if he will ever talk in sentences...He amazes me everyday. He has so much energy and keeps going and going.  Even at bedtime he tries to keep going. He is still sleeping on the floor in front of his door. I am doubtful that will change until we have a real bed for him...maybe not even then. Maybe when he starts school I can convince him to stay in bed. It is a fight that I don't want to deal with though, so I am letting it go. 

I have been trying hard to relinquish some of the control I have over my household...which is not really much...maybe I am just giving myself another excuse to be lazy, but whatever...I have started having the girls doing dishes. They actually love it and want to do it. Today as a punsihment I made Jaicie do the dishes...I should have known it wouldn't be a punishment. She had a blast. BUt it did cheer her up and made her bad attitude go away. BUt both the girls have really been working hard to help me keep the house a little cleaner. It is going well so far, but still at times a challenge...I want it done faster and more complete, but I am letting go...otherwise, I will always be doing it by myself, and with Justin gone so much, I am not willing to do that. 

NOw Justin, he is a workaholic..actually he isn't, but it would seem that way, if he weren't a resident intern...He works long days, and most days. and when he is home he is sleeping. But this is the world I signed up for when I married someone who wanted to be a doctor...He loves his job. He loves the patients he works with and the other doctors he works with. He loves helping people and he loves saving lives (which yes, he has done). I can't even imagine if I had tried and made him do something else. Surgery residency is hard---Yes. But I think it would be even harder if he was doing something that he truly did not want to be doing. He is my hero. He works hard outside the home and then comes and would do anything I ask him too. I love that about him, but most of the time when he is home, I let him just be...That way I can take care of him a little bit...I love my Justin with all of my heart. And I hope that no one ever doubts that!

Well I think that is all for now. I have already wrote a second blog post that was initially in the middle of this blog post...(it will be posted shortly) I have done a good deal of bloggin tonight. I hope my world wind catch up does the trick. All in all, we are all happy, healthy (mostly) and ready to hit the ground running in whatever we come face to face with! 

Happy Halloween to everyone! Have a fun and safe holiday!

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