Monday, August 9, 2010


Felicity starts kindergarten in 10 days. I am really excited and I do think it will be wonderful for her! The only problem is that it is half day kindergarten. I know that really isn't much of a problem. When I was in college I did a preschool practicum course. I was a teacher in a preschool on the campus and loved it. The kids in this preschool came in for 2 1/2 hours 5 days a week. It was effective and good for 3 and 4 year olds. Last year, Felicity spent the year attending the Head Start program in Lubbock. It was a full day preschool. I dropped her off at 8 everyday and picked her up at 2. It was a good schedule and she really thrived on it. She needed that structure and discipline in her life, and especially another adult that was in charge. It taught her a lot and she really grew during the year. They had activities all morning, lunch and then at about 12:30 everyday, they laid down and took naps. so for about 4 hours everyday, they were 'learning'.

So Kindergarten this year is going to be interesting. Her elementary school has only 1/2 day Kindergarten. But it isn't just half day. Jaicie goes to school fro 9-3:30 everyday. 6 1/2 hours everyday. Felicity has been assigned to PM kindergarten. She starts at 1 everyday and I pick her up at 3:30 with Jaicie. That is only 2 1/2 hours of school. I just don't feel like this is sufficient for a child to learn and develop like she should during Kindergarten. Jaicie attended all day kindergarten. They napped for about an hour everyday in the afternoon, but they spent so much of the day (8-3) learning. How can 2 1/2 hours be sufficient.

So I am curious. Of those of you out there with kids in half day kindergarten, how long do they go? Have they had the chance to learn new things that they should be in Kindergarten. I feel like I am going to have to do a few hours of school work everyday with her to supplement what they are doing at school. I just don't think that 2 1/2 hours is enough time to do much of anything. Especially with 5 year olds. Maybe my feelings will change once I see a daily schedule.

I don't know, I just really don't feel like this is good enough. I am not one that has the discipline to home school, but I really feel like I will have to supplement her learning. So those of you with kids in or having gone to kindergarten, what are your thoughts?


Jaidi Clayton said...

And on top of that, now while she is in school, I get top spend the time at home with Collin while he naps. No errand running, or getting things done. Just sitting home waiting for them to get out of school. ARGH! I was hoping for some morning kindergarten at the very least! ARGH!

Pokeyann said...

We're afternoon for Pre-K as well and I'm bummed too. But K is full time here. It couldn't hurt to do something with her in the a.m. after all repetition is the name of the game in these early years. I got a program for preschool that I really love, it has everything already organized and put together for lesson plans..., it was $100 for the ecopy, but I've really loved it. As far as having enough time to learn, it depends on the teacher and how capable they are of organizing the class and keeping them focused. As well as being able to transition quickly between things. But I think it's doable. Group teaching is much easier in my opinion, than having just one or two. Time will tell.

MLD said...

My oldest son went to half day kindergarten. We were in med school and simply couldn't afford to pay for full day. He also only attended one year of pre-k, 3 days a week, 3 hours each day. He did great and [knock on wood] continues to do great! He is going into the 4th grade. He has always been in the top of his class and grade. He took the state assessment for the first time last year and he only missed one question on the reading exam and only 3 on the math. My daughter will start kindergarten next week and will also be half day.

The curriculum is no different. I could see how the stretched out lessons could be beneficial to a child who may need a little extra help. I personally take issue with sending my child to school to take a nap. Full days would be nice for me, but I personally do not worry about my child being ill prepared for the 1st grade due to being in half day versus full day.