Monday, July 26, 2010

Weight and Exercise!

So I have started my new workout program and so far it is going pretty well. I hurt a lot...but that is good right, it means I am actually working the muscles!  I went out and bought the Biggest Loser Cardio Max workout...Man, I didn't know a workout so kick my butt that quickly. I have to say that I have already dropped about 5 pounds, but I can already SEE a difference in my stomach...It may not be much, but I think it is looking at least a little smaller...I am just telling myself no one else can see it because I wear big bulky shirts!  But regardless, I have worked out just about every day for the past almost 2 weeks. Some days I have done less than others. But today I did level 1 and level 2 on the workout video...It was awesome and I really think that Bob is an awesome trainer...I like his part of the video better than Jillian's, but just my opinion!  Oh and they work out with REAL people...the biggest loser contestants who sometimes can only do what I can do...Anyway, I am really trying hard to kick my own butt (and stomach) and loose this weight. I took my measurements today, because I hadn't done it yet and want to keep track of that. I have heard that it is important to keep track of measurements, because sometimes you just build muscles and don't loose weight, but inches are my biggest thing...(okay, so really, I just want to use the baby gut from my 2 year old and maybe cut down my thighs a little).  I am working hard and hurting lots, but it is worth it.

I have found that nap/quiet time is the perfect work out time for me. I work out for my allotted time, and then I shower and clean up and feel good, all while my kids are sleeping and watching movies! I LOVE IT!

One of my best friends is Jessica Baima! She is an inspiration to me. She works out all the time and eats healthy and well, hasn't had kids, so she is tiny!  :) but regardless, she talks about her work outs and they sound I need ideas on how to make my workouts fun!  Do they make a Zumba DVD? I want one! I would totally buy one (Hint, Hint Bodyworks! :)  ) I can't afford a gym here in Oklahoma, our budget is too tight, so it has to be things that I can do at home or around the neighborhood. Raquetball like Jessica plays would be awesome, but alas, no raquetball court to go to for free!  So what are your favorite at home fitness tricks!

Tomorrow, The kids and I are talking a jog/ride (they are riding, I am jogging) down to the elementary school to play on the playground. They are so excited. We planned it first thing this morning. Tomorrow morning after breakfast we are going to leave the house and have a blast!  Jaicie told me today that "maybe while we are riding, you can job, since you need to exercise!"  See I am including them in my exercising. They don't exercise with me very often (cause they are down for quiet time) but they know that I am working out to be more healthy! Anyway, Here is to the first 5 pounds and to the remaining 43 I want to loose someday!


JLPierce Ohana said...

my sister has found a lot of Zumba routines online- which she's been using her whole pregnancy! baby is due next week. Dance is the only way I really exercise, Zumba is lots of fun.

btw- we have the same blog background, but yours is much nicer, the sidebar on mine is messed up.

Jessica said...

best shout out I've ever gotten! :) Jaidi, I'm so proud of you for working out so diligently!! You're doing great -- keep it up!!! <3

Jon + Kat said...

Great job girl! I think measurements are VERY important, as is fit of clothes. I think that tells you more than a scale! Keep up the good work!