Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Changes...

It is amazing to sit down and take in all the many changes that have taken place in our lives over the course of just the past 2 weeks.

On May 21 and 22, 2010, Justin graduated from Medical School and formally became Dr. Justin Benson Clayton. It is amazing to see that. We have spent the past 8 years working to this point and we are finally done with school. Well Justin is, I am still debating going back one day! 

We enjoyed the time ith family, but as soon as they left we had to rush into the final stages of packing up our house.

On Tuesday, May 25, we packed up all of our belongings into a UHaul, thanks to our last minute Budget call to tell us they couldn't honor our reservation. LAME! Anyway, We slept that night on blankets and air matresses.

On Wednesday, May 26, we packed the kids up in the van with our very dear friend Bridgette and sent them off to Denton, TX to spend a couple of days. We then drove our Hyundai and the Uhaul truck over to our rental managers office and dropped off keys then hauled our stuff out of Lubbock Texas. We were on the road before 11am.

We decided that since we were leaving Texas for a while, we would hit the Big Texan on the way out. We enjoyed a late lunch there before getting back on the road. To be honest, The Big Texan was not as good as I expected. I personally preferred the prime rib at the Texas Roadhouse in Lubbock, but that is just me. Of course Justin felt the same way about his steak!

We arrived in Edmond, OK a little later than planned. We checked into our hotel, parked the truck in the back parking lot and slept...

First thing on Thursday morning we got to go on a final walk through at the house and then we had to fill our time until we got to close at 2. We lucked out and our closing cost us nothing, in fact we actually got money back at closing. We were done with closing and in our car by 3pm and went and picked up our moving truck and got to walk into our first home!

So far being in our home has been wonderful. It is such a change to have the freedom to do what you want! We have installed an over the range microwave, bought a new fridge, put in new door knobs on the front and back doors. Just now, we have finished mounting our tv on the wall and things are really starting to feel like home. I don't feel comfortable posting pictures yet, simply because things are kind of still a little dishelved, but as soon as things are done, I will post some pictures for everyone to see!

We are so excited to be experiences all these new things. It is sad to be away from our good friends in Lubbock, but we are sure enjoying our new home and city here in Edmond.

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Jessica said...

this Lubbock friend misses you!!! I can't wait to come visit soon, see the awesome new house & hang out with you & the kids!!!