Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Collin's New Life Changes

Collin has had to experience some new changes these past few days as well. We have upgraded him to a toddler bed and he is starting to adjust. His sleep schedule has adjusted a little, so that he is more tired when we lay him down. We decided that with all the changed, it might be easiest to throw one more in as well. He is doing really well. Bed time routines take a little longer, Justin or I have to sit in with him while he falls asleep in bed, but it is worth it, because it gives me a few minutes to watch him sleep!  He is so precious!  We have a couple of times peeked under his door to find him sleeping in the doorway, having cried and waited for us to come back. This is the usual occurence during naptime. But he hasn't complained too much.

On a side note...We sat him on a toilet seat the other day while getting him ready for a bath and he actually pee'd on the toilet. He laughed and got such a kick out of it and it was so funny!  Not that I am even remotely ready to potty train him, but I want to get him used to a toddler seat on the toilet. He is such a cute and sweet little boy, and he turns 2 on Friday!

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