Thursday, June 19, 2014

Questions and Answers in the LDS Church

I think this is an important thing for any member of the Church of Hesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to read:

And since I am sharing it, I'll share my thoughts:

Do you wanna know a secret last week I was murmuring a bit. I was frustrated regarding the youths invitation to attend the Saturday adult session of conference. It meant  that if there were youth willing to serve and babysit for free for the meeting, that they would no longer be available. I didn't understand and didn't like it. I went to The Lord in prayer for a number of things and during the adult session that evening with all the youth in attendance I was able to sit and listen to an explanation of why the youth were there. 

It was a quick kick in the butt, I got my answers. Was Elder Gifford Nielsen going to talk about it anyway, probably. But did my prayer help me get an answer and a confirmation from The Lord of that answer? Absolutely. 

Questions themselves are not the problem in the church. We are always counseled to seek answers for ourselves. But when your answers contradict that of the prophet we sustain, and you begin to open and publicly rebel that prophet then the seeds of apostasy are planted in your hearts and fester and grow til you find yourself no longer within the gospel and leading others astray as well. And if you are no longer in line with the gospel and prophets, and leading others away from it- then you shouldn't be a member of the church, why would you want too. Except to lead more away under the guise of membership... 

That is when the problem occurs. Not the questions itself. So go to The Lord, ask your questions, ask him to confirm the teachings you are being given. If you go with real intent, having faith and an open heat and mind, your answers will come (Book of Mormon Moroni 10:3-5), and they will be in line with the teachings of the prophet. 

I got my answers. I hope you will take your questions to The Lord and find yours. 

Now I'll get back off the soapbox. 

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