Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Timothy-18 Months

18 months... It is just a little hard to believe that my little baby is actually 18 months old. He is growing so much. He talks like crazy. Climbs like a pro. And has already been moved up to a twin bed. How in the world has this happened!?!? 

At the doctor today he did great. Got 2 shots and was a champ. He is growing and staying right along his growth curve that he has always been on. He is healthy and growing well. 

Aside from the doctor appt. he is doing great. He is nearly always happy. He wakes up everyday at 6am most days and very cutely calls momma while knocking on the door. He likes to play ball and play with his cars and little people. He loves dogs and loves feeding them. He exudes happiness in all he does. I have rarely seen a child so happy so much of the time. Yes I'm bragging. I have been spoiled with this guy. He is a momma's boy most of the time, unless his dad gets him out of bed. He loves his siblings and wants to always be with them. He eats just about anything. He naps nearly 3 hours a day. I am so glad that Timothy is a part of our family and couldn't imagine it without him. 

Happy 18 months Timothy!  Keep growing, learning and making us all smile. Love you little man! 

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