Monday, November 25, 2013

My Felicity

This is my Fel-lump... My Felicity... My most spirited, strong-willed child, whom I love and adore! I wanted to take a minute and make sure you all know how much she means to me. 

Today when Felicity came home from school she helped me a lot. I was battling some of my pain from skipping my anti-inflammatories for my pleurisy and needed a few minutes to let my meds kick in. Felicity sweetly helped Collin stay happy, she watched Timothy while I went in my room for a few minutes. Then she took Collin in his room and they read The Butter Battle Book by Dr Seuss together. She set a timer so they would know if they read their whole 20 minutes. Then she helped him get onto the computer to play some games. 

I realized today that I haven't bragged enough about my fel-lump. She really is an amazing little girl and I am so pleased to call her my daughter. 

Felicity you bring so much joy into my life and I love you more a then I could ever say. Though we have out hurdles to cross we will do it together teaching each other new things as we jump! You are amazing my girl. Love you! 

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