Friday, November 22, 2013


I hate the kids are mean to each other.  I hate the kids were mean to me when I was growing up. But even more I hate the kids are mean to my kids.  

Jaicie loves school. She loves Science and Math. She thinks the world is an amazing place and sees the best in everyone around her. She loves homework and getting to do research. She loves to read and write and even has a poem being published from the National Library of Poetry contest. She's awesome!

And kids make fun of her for that.  She is picked on and teased and has had a lot of discouraging times. But when she saw a girl at school crying because others were making fun of her today, she sat down next to hear and said this: "You just have to tell them I believe in my Awesomeness. If don't think I am awesome, that is your problem and you have to deal with it."

It is quite possible it will bring more teasing, but she doesn't care anymore.  And I am happy about that.  

Because the world is cruel and if we let every thing that people say or do to or about us defeat us then we are letting them win.  Lets stand up for our Individual Awesomeness and be WHOEVER we want to be. And when someone thinks less of you than awesome... just tell them: 

then, walk away and let them figure out how to deal with it.  Because the world is full of people who are out to defeat you.  Why do we let them win!  


Love her and the example she is to her siblings.

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the audience said...

Jaicie, you truly are AWESOME!!! Your awesomeness radiates and you lift the lives of those around you. I've known that since the first time i met you over 9 years ago! Thank you for making my life more awesome!!!