Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brag day - Jaicie

Today, I want to take a minute to focus on one of my kids and brag a little bit.  I am going to try and focus a post on one kid a week and really celebrate their greatness.  Hopefully, I can manage that.

Jaicie is a great kid.  I have always known that.  She is smart and fun and adventurous and creative.  I could go on and on.  But right now, today, I have something specific I want to focus on her about.  Jaicie loves people.  She is very aware of things people do around her and has in the past been on the receiving end of some cruel children's comments.  She has had emotional struggles on a few occasions with the kids in her classes.  There have been tears shed over nasty and mean comments, being left out, being not liked and various other issues.  She has gotten past a lot of that and I am happy to say that now she is outgoing and happy with who she is regardless of what others say or do to her.  

When school was first getting started Jaicie came home and told me about a girl that was getting picked on at school.  She told me that she had been sitting all by herself and Jaicie felt badly for her seeing her by herself and being made fun of.  So after lunch one day she walked over to her and asked if she could sit next to her at lunch the next day when they had open seating during lunch.  Jaicie tells me that this girl, we will call Beth (not her real name), got a huge smile on her face and was so excited and said yes, I'd love that.  So the next day during recess they played together and then Jaicie sat with her at lunch.  Since then, Jaicie and Beth have become good friends.  Jaicie has defended her in the face of cruel kids.  She has stood up for her and been her friend, even when no one else would.  I haven't met Beth, and I haven't seen the two of them together, but the stories Jaicie tells me about her make me smile at the young woman Jaicie is.  I am so pleased with my daughter and the fact that she is so willing to stand up for others.  

Jaicie is an amazing daughter.  She is an amazing human being and I couldn't be more happy to be her mother.  

You make me look like a good mom, Jaicie and I am very happy to call you my daughter.  I love you! 

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