Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blessing Day

At just 9 days old, we ventured out to church with Timothy. Normally, given the new baby and the c-section recovery, i would have taken the healing time and kept him home. However, on September 2, we opted to bless our little boy. A little background is necessary for this particular day though before i go on.

My good friend Darci came by to visit me and the baby on wednesday, just 4 days before the blessing. Because he is so small and we we re having his blessing so quickly, we were looking at blessing him in just a onsie. Darci wouldnt have any of that. She left that day and came back later withthe beginning of a beautiful outfit for Timothy to wear for his blessing day.

We had limited opportunities to bless him and have a grandparent here with us. Justin's mom was hear to help during recovery, and my dad wouldnt be able to come out for a while. So we decided to take advantage of his gram being here and go ahead and bless him, super early. Collin was blessed at 4 months, and so his outfit was far to large for Timothy. Darci's blessing outfit was so appreciated and made the day even more special. (as a side note, my kids will each have their own blessing outfit to pass on to their children).

Justin took Timothy and gave him a beautiful blessing. It was such a sweet experience. I w so glad that we were able to have at least Justin's mom here with us. We were also blessed to have Justin's twin brother Brett here with us for the day. I so wish we could have had more of our family members here.

We didn't get a lot of pictures as i had intended. But we got a get picture of him in his blessing outfit, as well as these two of Timothy with each of us. We might have to dress him back up and get some family pictures taken. But for now, we have these to enjoy and share.

Huge thanks again to Darci for the beautiful bl essing outfit for Timothy. It was perfect!

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