Sunday, August 19, 2012


Name: Cattlemen's Steakhouse
Location: 1309 S. Agnew, Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Type of food: Steak, breakfast
Kid Friendly: Dependent on time of day

Ok, so it's probably pretty obvious by now that I like Triple D on the Food Network. Turns out I love lots of cooking shows. Man vs. Food is another one I like. ANYWAY, Cattlemen's is one (again) I found on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. If there is anything I like in the world of food, grilled steak is absolutely at the top of the list. My wife would probably tell you if I could have 1 thing to eat, it would be a thick cut ribeye grilled to somewhere between medium rare and medium (by culinary standards) and served without any sort of steak sauce (which will just destroy the meat!). Let's just say I absolutely had to try Cattlemen's.

I have eaten at Cattlemen's twice now, but both occasions were for breakfast, and neither were with my wife (sorry honey). While I was working nights at the trauma center, we often felt we wanted to end our "day" with some good ol' fashioned food. My review, however, should still give some insight though, because you can get any of their dinner steaks for breakfast (I would bet prime rib is the exception, but never mind that). The dinner side has a typical nice dining room, but the breakfast side has an old school diner feel too it (stockyards old school). I don't know for sure, but I would bet that while the breakfast side is certainly kid friendly, I don't imagine the dinner side is.

Now to the main even - MEAT! The first time I went I had steak and eggs (big surprise) and had just their breakfast steak. It's a small cut sirloin. The breakfast was good and had a homemade taste to it. I was a little surprised by the steak. Most places that offer steak and eggs have a less than stellar steak. Sure, Cattlemen's breakfast steak was small and consequently difficult to cook perfectly, but it obviously comes from a nicer cut than most breakfast places use. The real winner was when I returned and ordered their ribeye from the dinner menu to go with my breakfast. Nicely cooked, no bells and whistles, just a good steak.

Have I had better steak before or since? Well, I'm inclined to say yes, but with a heavy caveat: if you're a purest and want just a nice cut of meat not ruined by sauces or extravagant seasonings, Cattlemen's is definitely a place you need to try. I don't think it's the absolute best steak I've ever eaten, but it is probably the best price for a truly delicious piece of beef. Certainly the best steak I've ever had with breakfast.

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