Friday, December 9, 2011

Doctor Hubby - Joy in the Journey

So as most of you already know, Justin is a doctor. He is currently a second year resident in Orthopedics. Being the person that I am, I have joined a lot of 'support' groups, groups of other wives going through the same thing. Residency sucks and I figured it would be a little better if I could be in misery with other people...  haha! I don't mean this as an attack at any of the groups that I am a part of, but as much as misery loves company, I almost wonder if too much misery makes things worse. On the plus side, I have realized what a truly amazing doctor husband I have. I see people post comments about how their husband never calls that he will be late, or people who complain that their husband never wants to do anything but sleep. I have a truly amazing husband.

Justin has always been really good about his priorities. As important as his medical education and training has always been to him, his family has always come first. I know that doesn't mean that he would leave work if I had a bad day. and I know it doesn't mean that he will always be there every time I could use the help. But Justin has this knack for knowing when it really matters and making it count when it does. He watches the kids at night when he is home so I can go to the store without children. More often than not on his days off he cooks dinner and often on days he has been working all day and I just haven't had time to get dinner made, he comes home and makes it for everyone too. He will go without sleep to help the kids feel better, or to play with them a little later. On Night Float, he gets up before the girls get home from school and spends time with the kids and I before going to work, even though that means he loses some sleep. This is all Justin, this isn't from me asking or pushing or anything. He wants to spend time with his kids and wife and so he makes it work. Justin is a treasure among doctors. I am so blessed to be married to him and I just wanted to share that with you all.

And a note...There are also a lot of positive posts on my support groups. Sometimes my mind focuses on the frustrations people post more than the happy stuff. I find a lot of support and ideas and I know when I need help these friends will be there. When I have my frustrating days, I can vocalize things there and no one will judge me, because they have been there too. And when I am celebrating, my friends will celebrate with me, even if it is just in a Facebook group wall post. It is nice to have many people out there who can understand the joys and frustrations of medical school, residency and being married to a doctor. It is also nice to hear the perspectives of those beyond where I am at, who can help me to get to where they are.

As hard as these times are, they truly are wonderful. Justin loves what he is doing. It is so great to know that after all the money spent and time spent in medical school and the time we have and will spend in residency, that he is doing exactly what he loves. He tried to love something that would be easier on the family, but it didn't work and I am glad he didn't push it, because him not being happy in what he does would make all of this so much worse. But he does, he absolutely loves what he does, even when the hours suck, the sleep is lacking and he has lost 10 pounds because he's on trauma. He loves what he does, he loves fixing peoples bones, he loves helping and he loves being who he is.  Could I ask any more?

Okay, maybe I could ask for better pay, but hey you can't have everything all the time right.

Find Joy in the Journey!
ESPECIALLY when the Journey is Hard!

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