Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, there isn't all that much to update on, except that Jaicie's CT showed that the mass in her pelvis was from some surgery she had when she was younger and is normal and ok and nothing to worry about.

We had a great visit with Justin's parents last week and then joined them on a trip down to Lubbock to visit with Justin's oldest brother Paul and his family. It was a fun visit for all of us and I am glad we got to see everyone. Collin still asks every morning if Gram and Grand-Daddy are coming over today. He doesn't understand why they are not, but I guess that is the life of a 2 year old.

We got back into town on Sunday night and the kids enjoyed a wonderful day of school (ALL DAY) on Monday. Unfortunately, Monday night the Snow storm of the century rolled into Oklahoma...That has left us with the rest of the week being couped up in the house, 'enjoying' snow days. The girls have had no school all week, and I have crossed the bridge into insanity. While I love my children, I do enjoy their time at school. It has been an extremely long week. Collin and I have developed colds and Jaicie is starting to get one as well. Did I mention that it was like 75 degrees Friday and Saturday last week and a whopping 15 this week. We had a low the other night of -4 degrees.

In all we got just over 1 foot of snow. The big problem and one of the main reasons schools are canceled, is because of the fact that the City of Oklahoma City does not plow neighborhood streets. It took them 2 days to clear the snow of the major Snow routes, but there is still a good amount of snow on the neighborhood streets. I measured about 2 inches of ice underneath the 2 inches of packed snow yesterday.

Yes, we are suffering through the snow storm, and the snow days, and being couped up in the house. I think that when Justin gets home tonight, we may have to go out for dinner, just so that I do not loose my insanity all together. This has been one of the longest weeks of my life.

It has however given me some extra time to try and grow my new business. I have done a lot of research and submitted my name and resume for many different contract jobs. Hopefully, some of them will begin to roll in soon!

You can see some of our great snow pictures (okay, they really aren't good pictures) over at this link.

You will have to browse through some of the other pictures.  You can also take a look at a not so great picture of me in my awesome new glasses!

Oh and I forgot to mention...We are getting more snow NOW and more snow from Sunday to Wednesday...I am beginning to wonder if these girls will ever go back to school!

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