Monday, January 10, 2011


Wow, it has been quite the busy and crazy couple of weeks. Despite the tears from Grandpa's passing, Christmas was great. The kids all loved their gifts. Unfortunately, we kind of forgot the camera on Christmas day...Ooops!  Actually, our only camera right now are the ones on our phone. Our real camera kind of died while i was in Hawaii back in September. Now we can't zoom at all and the pictures just don't turn out well.

Here is a quick run down of the kids gifts:

The kids each got their very own Pillow pet.
Collin got geotrax train set.
Jaicie and Felicity got an easy bake oven
ISpy Game

They also got a few odds and ends along with those, but that is their main gifts.

Here is a picture of the loot--After Santa came for a visit:

From Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, while excitedly playing with her new Pillow pet, Jaicie fell face first into the floor and broke her tooth. Luckily Grandpa P was only a phone call away and with a this nice little picture was able to determine that it probably wasn't anything serious, unless it continued hurting...Which it didn't! YAY!  We have a friend here in OKC that is a dentist and we are going to get her in to get it fixed, but for now, Jaicie has this nice chip out of the corner of her front tooth.

From Christmas Day

Here is a quick clip of Collin with his new trains: Make sure your sound is turned out so that you can hear the cute All aboard!
You can view the actual video here.

From Christmas Day

We decided that our first Christmas with a puppy we couldn't very well Skip out on the dog and Pugsley loves his gifts!  He got a fox and I found him laying like this on the couch. His leg wrapped around teh fox, like her wasn't going to let it go.

From Christmas Day

Christmas was wonderful this year. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a family. We enjoyed and celebrated the time that we had Justin home for the week. He had the holiday off and we couldn't our blessings.

Most of all though, we celebrated the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Without him would any of this be worth it? He gave us all that we have and makes us all that we are. We can't begin to count the many blessings he has given us in our lives.

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