Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Not to Wear
We all know this show right? It is the one on TLC where they go up to these people and tell them they have secretly been video taping them and then show them all the footage of their frumpiness. It is so often that mom that does nothing for herself. She lives in sweat pants and t-shirts. Her hair is always in a ponytail. She never wears make-up. And if she gets in a shower 1 every other day she is lucky...  You know the one right?

I decided that Stacy and Clinton would have a hay day of horrible secret video footage if they were anywhere near me. I never do anything with myself. My hair is pretty much always pulled back into a ponytail. I wear t-shirts everyday. My clothes are all awful! I have become the epitome of frumpy... Yesterday i was walking the kids to school. I had on a t-shirt and my capri length sweat type pants. I looked horrible!  My hair was still down at that time of day, but it was pulled into a  ponytail very soon afterwards. All day yesterday i felt awful about the way I looked. I went to a play group for the kids and still looked awful. Everyone looked all cute in their dressier clothes, still shorts and shirts, but so much dressier than mine!

But I decided yesterday morning that I was going to do more for me. Not the the neglect my children point. Just taking some time for myself everyday.  I am going to get up a little earlier. I am going to shower first thing in the morning...everyday.  I am going to do something with my hair...It may still be pulled back, but not in a ponytail everyday. Beyond that, I don't know what to do to take better care of me...I have been in such an emotional slump lately with everything going on that I just haven't cared...But i need to. Neglecting myself does nothing for my kids. So I am resolving to take better care of me, so that I can take better care of my kids.

So here is my call for help...what are some of your best suggestions for taking better care of me?  I have spent the last 7 years being just mom and I want to be more than just a frumpy mom...So shoot your ideas over and let me know what I can/should do...Oh and money is tight, so it has to be cheap!  :)


Michelle said...

Good for you! I always want someone to nominate me for that show too but I know I couldn't keep my wardrobe up-to-date with the stuff they have you buy. Still looks fun though. I did the same thing before I had Landon, I decided I would shower every day because I heard too many people tell me they either didn't shower or didn't get to until late in the day. So far, I'm good on that one. I think if you just make sure to make that time for yourself then it will become easy and routine. I dress in my old jeans when I'm home so I don't wear but my good ones but if I leave the house I make sure to put the nicer ones on. I'm hardly a fashionista but I think it's important that we look nice--for ourselves mostly but also for our husbands and kids.

jenifer said...

go to a fancy, expensive hair dresser.

yup. find someone who is stylish, ask them who does their hair, then schedule an appointment and go.

do something you wouldn't normally do... and pay for it.
in my opinion a good hair cut can take away frumpy any day.
and... ask them what PRODUCT they recommend. buy one. even if it's expensive.

and, take an afternoon, with NO KIDS and shop at Ross, TJ MAXX or Burlington. try on tons of clothes and be really picky. buy only things that you feel comfortable in without a shirt underneath. be picky on fit and color and pattern and keep asking yourself "what do i really like?" not, what is on clearance...

even take a few small shopping trips, just get one new shirt, every now and then. because really, it is not that we can't be cute, it's that we are LAST on the list. bump yourself up on the list... it will bless your family.

in my humble opinion.

Jon + Kat said...

My sister wants to do this for people! I wish she lived closer to you, although you both were in Hawaii at the same time randomly! My suggestion: Find one pair of pants that look good on you and that you feel comfortable in. I notice that when I have one great pair of pants, I can wear almost anything with them and feel great. I got mine at TJMaxx and they are designer, but I spent 1/3 of what I really would on them. Next, find shirts that are flattering yet comfy. You may need to find a brand that fits you great. I learned that Gap is my go to for comfy t's that look a little bit fancier than the true t-shirt it is (and yes, I only look in clearance). Don't go for the Mormon-layer look. Find shirts that can stand on their own without worrying about the neck. (you look great in scoop-neck). Add a cute belt to regular button-up shirts cinches in the waist and gives an old shirt a new look. Look through your clothes and see what you can do to alter them. I couldn't find jean shorts that I liked, so I finally cut off a pair of pants that I never wear and now they are my fav shorts. Do the same thing to skirts that are just a little long, or add ribbon to the bottom of a skirt to add a little umph! I agree with Jen-don't feel bad about shopping for yourself! As a mom, you deserve to feel great!

The Beers said...

Everyone has great feedback :) Mine is...No tennis shoes with jeans...get a pair of nice boots with a little heel (that's still comfy) and a wedge or small heel (no clunky heels, they make people look heavy) that will go with jeans or slacks. A cute shirt with good-looking jeans will always look frumpy with the 5 year old tennis shoes...dude, even with brand new white ones! Plus, a FITTED jacket (lightweight works too) slims every body-type and can make on eh-outfit look pulled together.