Sunday, July 11, 2010


So, the girls are having an exercise fest tonight...They are pretty good at those push ups...After I did this video, they went on for about 20 minutes...Like I say below the video...if I followed their cues, I might actually be successful...Here's to new weight-loss attempts, goals, and hopefully, lots of success! The process begins tomorrow! (hopefully)

So my goal...For now, it is plain and simply, just to work out a little everyday...I have a number in mind of what I would like to loose..but I am going to start small and say I want to loose at least 5 pounds, and when I achieve that, I will go for another 5 pounds...No beginning and ending weight here, but I do hope to feel like I am reporting to someone, so expect to see some progress reports at some points...

For now, enjoy this awesome exercise video care of my gorgeous little girls! PS, Jaicie turns 7 on WEDNESDAY! My little girl is turning 7 this week AHHHHH!

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